Catalogues with Approval:

Note: Not all products in the linked catalogues comply with the certifications below. Please reference each individual item for certifications.
KITZ - Bronze and Iron Valves and Strainers MAS A Series MAS B Series MAS C Series MAS F Series MAS G Series MAS HM Series MAS Butterfly Valves MAS/RWV Balancing Valves Coming Soon - Contact Branch for Details MAS Line Card MAS Product Guide MAS ML Series KITZ - Butterfly Valves KITZ - Bronze and Iron Valves and Strainers KITZ Ʌ-Port Quarter Turn Control Valves KITZ - Commercial/Industrial Ball Valves KITZ - Stainless and High Alloy Steel Valves KITZ - Carbon and Low Alloy Steel Valves KITZ - Steel Ball Valves KITZ - High Perf Ball Valves KITZ - ISO Ball Valves KITZ - QT 3 Way, 4 Seat Ball Valve Perrin - Brochure RED-WHITE - Bronze, Brass & Cast Iron Valves RED-WHITE TOYO - Ductile Iron Butterfly Valves American Valve 4000 American Valve 3700 Beric - API 603 Corrosion Resistant Valves Beric - Cast Gate, Globe, Check Beric - Forged Steel Valves Cameron-Demco - Butterfly Valves FCC Flyer FCC Catalogue FCC Series 3 Epoxy Coated Iron FCC Series 3 Stainless Steel FCC Series 4 Stainless Steel FCC Series 4U Epoxy Coated FCC Series 4U Stainless Steel FCC Series 5 FCC Series 6S MOYGRO - WAFER CHECK VALVES Tankless Water Heater Valve Kit RWV RWV Rehau CAMERON - WKM High Performance Butterfly Valves MUELLER - GENERAL CATALOG POWELL - BRONZE & IRON CATALOG POWELL - CRYOGENIC CATALOG POWELL - API 600 CAST STEEL CATALOG POWELL - API 602 FORGED STEEL CATALOG POWELL - HIGH PERFORMANCE BUTTERFLY VALVES POWELL - API 600 PRESSURE SEAL CATALOG POWELL - API 603 STAINLESS STEEL CATALOG MAX-AIR - MT Series Actuators MAX-Air Limit Switch Position Indication MAX-AIR PRODUCT OVERVIEW MECH AMERICAN STANDARD MALLEABLE IRON PIPE FITTINGS PROMATION - General Brochure PROMATION - Explosion Proof Actuators RDC - PA Series C-18 - Forged Steel Valves LX19 - Quick Delivery Critical Valves LT19 - Triple Offset Butterfly & Check Valves F17 - Forged Steel Valves S17 - Strainers T17 - Ball Valves LP19 - Power Products P17 - Pressure Seal D17 - Desuperheaters