Company Overview

Opening for Business in 1955

In June 1955, at the request of Melville Alexander (“Red”) Stewart, Roy Hardy opened M. A. Stewart & Sons Ltd. (“MAS”) for business.  Roy sourced the products, found the customers, kept the books, answered the phone, and handled the logistics necessary to lay the groundwork for what would become a very strong company representing world-leading manufacturers of pipes, valves, fittings and actuators providing unparalleled services to the plumbing and industrial markets throughout Canada.

Becoming a Master Distributor

Originally distributing mainly heating and related products in B.C., MAS grew to be a diverse Master Distributor by expanding its lines and focusing on quality valves and actuator products. In time, MAS not only served the plumbing and commercial markets; it soon became a trusted distributor to the following industries: oil and gas, refining, chemical, petrochemical, pulp & paper, water treatment, fire protection and power.  Roy achieved this through foresight, hard work and by establishing strong bonds with world-class manufacturers and by building a solid respected team to execute and deliver on this successful business model.  Roy’s son Dan joined MAS in 1980 and succeeded him as President and CEO on April 19, 1995.  Since then, MAS has continued to grow and expand under Dan’s leadership.

Expansion Throughout Canada and into the United States

While MAS started in B.C., it was not long before it expanded into Alberta and Manitoba, to be followed in due course by Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia.  Roy, Dan and their dedicated team strengthened the presence of MAS in each of those jurisdictions.  In addition, through its U.S. subsidiaries, MAS acquired significant operations in each of Signal Hill, Bakersfield and San Diego, California.  MAS also distributes products throughout the entire USA, Mexico and several other countries making MAS a true global Master Distributor!  Further, MAS acquired a majority interest in JY Valve Mfg. Co. Ltd., a Taiwanese-based ball valve manufacturer which relocated to Mainland China.  JY Valve solely manufactures MAS branded products for distribution serving many global markets.

The Key to Success: Strong Supplier Relationships

The key to our success is the very strong relationships we have with the world’s best manufacturers of valves, actuators and related products.  Several of these relationships extend back to 1955 and most extend back at least 25 years.  We have always believed the key to being a successful distributorship is having the best products to distribute.  We have done this by being the Master Distributor of the world’s premier manufacturers.  We are very proud of these longstanding relationships.

Three More Keys to Success

We attribute our success as a Master Distributor primarily to the following three factors:

  • Honesty–the honest way we deal with all suppliers and customers. Our integrity and ethical dealing have given us the reputation we have, and we guard that reputation every day by always acting honestly and ethically;
  • Knowledgeable and Service-Oriented Employees—Another priority is the investment we make in each of our employees so that they are knowledgeable about all the products that we and our competitors distribute, and knowledgeable about all the industries of our valued customers and end-users; and
  • Incredibly Large Inventory We maintain a substantial and diverse inventory (over Cdn $50 million across more than 200,000 sq. ft.) at locations throughout Canada and the USA.  Our customers know they can depend on us for timely shipments and 24/7 service.

Our Pledge to You

MAS pledges to provide all products and services in a timely manner that exceeds customer, standard and regulatory requirements.  Through constant monitoring and improvement of our quality objectives, policies and procedures, MAS will continue to efficiently deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction.