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We are proud to represent the following leading international valve, strainer, fitting, and actuator manufacturers and brands:


M.A. Stewart & Sons Ltd. is committed to providing products and services in a timely fashion that exceed customer, standard, and regulatory requirements. Through continual monitoring and improvement of our quality objectives, policies, and procedures we strive for the highest level of efficiency and customer satisfaction.


M.A. Stewart & Sons Ltd. has a trend setting standard 3 year manufacturer’s warranty on all MAS branded products. For our partner brands, we offer up to 18 months of warranty from date of purchase.*

*Please see MAS terms and conditions of sale for full warranty terms.


At M.A. Stewart & Sons Ltd., we are pleased to provide valves, fittings, strainers, and actuators with industry first certifications for water, oil & gas, fire-safety, and environmental standards. We also provide products that meet or exceed industry standards such as API 600, ASME B16.34 etc.

Industries We Serve

At M. A. Stewart & Sons Ltd., we recognize that different industries have various specialized requirements. To accommodate them, we inventory a broad spectrum of products to meet our customer’s needs.
Water/Waste Water As the markets are rapidly growing, M.A. Stewart & Sons Ltd. has accelerated our product development in the design of Knife Gate valves for slurry service, AWWA certified valves, NSF certifications, and electric and pneumatic operators. Learn More
Power & Utilities To accommodate the growing needs of the industry, M.A. Stewart & Sons Ltd. has increased our product offering to include Pressure Seal Valves as well as sources for thru conduit and other high pressure service valves. M.A. Stewart & Sons Ltd. ensures all products are supplied with valid CRN, QA/QC qualifications, MTR’s, and test reports (RT, LP pressure etc). Learn More
Mechanical, Plumbing, Heating, HVAC M.A. Stewart & Sons Ltd. is considered the leader in the Canadian mechanical and commercial market. With the most extensive lineup available in Gate, Globe, Check, Ball, Butterfly, Balancing Valves, and Strainers, M.A. Stewart & Sons Ltd. is the go-to supplier for the mechanical marketplace with brands such as KITZ, Red-White/Toyo, Mueller, RWV and the MAS ¼ turn products. Learn More
Lead Free M.A. Stewart & Sons Ltd. is a premier pacesetter in the Canadian Lead Free & Safe Drinking Water movement. With products available in low lead & lead free brass, stainless steel, or with specialty coatings, we are able to meet the requirements of NSF or other safe-drinking water requirements. M.A. Stewart & Sons Ltd. inventories the complete line to meet your safe-drinking needs. Learn More
Oil & Gas/Refining Whether it’s conventional drilling, SAGD, open pit mining, upgrading, LN, or refining, M.A. Stewart & Sons Ltd. carries a multitude of valve products for the Up-Stream, Mid-Stream, and Down-Stream markets. Inclusive of Multi-Turn, ¼ Turn, Check, and Butterfly Valves, Strainers, and Automated products, M.A. Stewart & Sons Ltd. has the ability to supply valve and strainer products in many different materials, configurations, end connections, and sizes. Learn More
Chemical/Petro-Chemical M.A. Stewart & Sons Ltd. carries a large supply of stainless steel, high alloy and high pressure valves for the Petro-Chemical industry. Due to increased operating pressures and temperatures, a demand for alloys greater in sustainability than traditional grades such as CF8M/F316 has been created.
M.A. Stewart & Sons Ltd. ensures all products are supplied with valid CRN, QA/QC qualifications, MTR’s, and test reports (RT, LP pressure etc).
Learn More
Pulp & Paper From corrosion resistant stainless steel & high alloy valves, to high pressure steam, liquor and digester valves, M.A. Stewart & Sons Ltd. provides all manner of the valves and automation for the Pulp & Paper and recycle industries. Learn More
Mining From abrasion, high pressure and corrosion resistant Knife Gates to specialty Gate & Ball valve products as well as valves for air handling and cryogenic services, M.A. Stewart & Sons Ltd. has the valves & automation products required to service the Canadian mining industry. Learn More